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Expertly Designing Your Stunning New Landscape in Caterham, Surrey

Whether you are enhancing a small garden or converting a large piece of land, it is important to have a design in place. With a detailed design, everyone involved in the project has a precise specification to work towards. This prevents any misunderstandings and makes comprehending the project a lot easier. At Brymarts Landscapes, in Caterham, Surrey, we specialise in landscape and garden design.

Available alongside our landscaping services, our designs are bespoke and hand drawn. We work closely with the customer to determine their requirements and use various design techniques to transform their needs into something beautiful that will last forever. What’s more, if, after the design has been completed, you choose our landscapers to construct your new landscape, the design fee will be waived.

The Inspirations behind Our Designs

When our landscapers design a garden, they begin by looking at what surrounds the project. A good design should sit comfortably with its surroundings. As part of the design process, we also look at the buildings on the site and, on occasion, take features of the house and mirror them in the design. Inspiration can come from many places – a striking plant or a brick detail on a house. Equally, the shape of a garden can lend itself to a particular design.

Soft landscaping is also a very important part of any design project, as plants need to be positioned in the right place for aesthetic reasons and for optimal growth. However, we consider the most important factor in our designs to be the client’s requirements and wishes. These requests need to be shaped and moulded into a workable, aesthetically pleasing design.

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